Saturday, December 26, 2009

Panic and Anxiety Attacks - Helpful Ways to Effectively Manage Panic and Anxiety Attacks

With all the useful medical treatment available, it is beneficial for us to learn and know how to manage panic and anxiety attacks for there are possibilities of irregular occurrence of these attacks. By learning the ways to manage these attacks, patients will be able to intercept potential attacks. Hence, it is an advantage to learn and know these useful methods.

One useful method in handling panic and anxiety attacks is relaxation techniques. Examples of relaxation techniques that can be used to aide patients are muscle relaxation, meditation, relaxed breathing and visualization, also known as guided imagery.

Inner achievement of calmness is real relaxation. Both the body and the mind have to be in relaxed mode when using relaxation techniques as a rule to manage these attacks. And learning real relaxation techniques can aid in handling warning signs such as teeth clenching, headaches, and hyperventilation.

To initiate your body into relaxed mode, start off by focusing on the body and suppressing the outside world. Put yourself in a relaxing position and rest your eyes. Just keep the eyelids at ease and heavy without closing them firmly, and allow your jaw to fall.

Start the relaxation method by concentrating on examining your body mentally. Begin scanning from the lower parts of your body, starting from the toes, working your way up to the legs, groins, torso, then the hands, fingers, then finally, the neck and head. Visualize your tension dissolving away as you concentrate on each body parts.

Once all the muscles in your body are relaxed, tighten the muscles in every part, moving from one section to another and count to five or more in each section. While you are doing this, allow your feelings to flow all the way through your psyche, without concentrating on them. It is difficult at times to do this. Say to yourself that you are perfectly calm and at ease.

Envision yourself in your own favorite place and start breathing slowly. Practice this method daily for five to ten minutes to manage panic and anxiety attacks.

Other different ways to manage panic and anxiety attacks is not to indulge into thinking of what could happen. Inform yourself to take care of the matters only when it is time. Do not fight the attacks but instead embrace them. Evaluate and put them off by using whatever relaxation methods you can.

Panic and anxiety attacks can also be handled by coping statements, in which you are talking yourself through the attack by using your voice and your mind. Use a steady and calm tone, and speak loudly, when using coping statements.

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