Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Effective Treatment of Panic and Anxiety

The roots of panic and anxiety disorders stem from the oldest and most primitive parts of our brain. There was a time when having an extremely active hyper arousal system was very important for our survival. As we evolved, it was critical that you noticed danger coming and that your body was able to quickly respond to keep you safe. Anxiety, like any other emotional response has a useful purpose.

Life has become much safer for modern humans but we still have the same nervous system evolved from our ancestors. We all have this biological propensity for anxiety and some of us are born with even more sensitivity than others. When you combine the biological factors with unhealthy aspects from our childhood and the way we were raised, you have the source of anxiety and panic disorders.

What differentiates normal useful reactions to stressors from pathological is that excessive anxiety can have little recognizable cause, have a disturbing level of intensity, last longer than everyday anxiety, and have a significant and detrimental impact on daily living. A phobia is a specific kind of fear and panic is overpowering fear that occurs with sudden onset.

The good news is that you are not alone in your suffering. Even better news is that you can be helped and helped quickly. Just as the roots of the problem lie in your brain, so too does the cure. There are modern treatments that do not require years of insight oriented therapy or expensive medications. You can train your brain and nervous system to respond differently to your environment.

The most effective treatments today are called Cognitive Behavioral treatments which simply means that in order to address panic and excessive anxiety effectively, you need to do it by changing your thought patterns and you need to take some specific action steps to help yourself.

The Panic Away product that I have found on the internet describes the anxiety thought loop so familiar to many of us. This means that not only are you anxious over the object of your fear (public speaking, social situations etc), you are even more fearful of the anxiety or panic attack and the embarassing loss of control that comes with it. What you get then is a never ending cycle of fear and by avoiding the objects of your fear, the anxiety just becomes stronger and more entrenched.

The Panic Away product describes the One Move Technique which can quickly disarm and disrupt this thought loop and can put an end to the panic attacks as well as help you with the generalized anxiety that has changed your life for the worse.

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