Thursday, December 24, 2009

Overcoming Panic Attacks

Having a panic attack can be frightening to say the least, the over whelming feelings and sensations are hard to explain, it's like you're watching yourself lose control and emotions of fear are running rampant within yourself. You feel like you're going to go crazy or are going crazy, you may start to sweat, shake, have heart palpitations and some difficulty in breathing - you can also feel that you're the only one who's had this before.

The difficulty is trying to break out of the attacks and remove yourself from the situations and instances that seem to feed these attacks. You may start to avoid groups, public speaking or everyday routine events and this is the point that you need to seek advice as you're developing a serious problem and it is very common and can be controlled.

You need to get some advice and seek information and understanding. Information and understanding a panic attack will bring great relief and you will realize that panic attacks are quite common - this year in America one third of the population will suffer from a panic attack, 75% of those that are effected or experience a panic attack will not seek advice or consult a specialist.

Trying to control the panic attack prior to the event is essential and confronting the environment and circumstances may be necessary. You may even want to confront the feelings of the panic attack as well such as dizziness, get used to the feeling of being dizzy and learn to make fun of the dizzy feeling for instance. Do not get angry and frustrated when you have a panic attack, instead practice breathing and slowing down your breathing - if you're feeling well now try this :

Breathe in for 7 seconds and breathe out for 11 seconds, repeat this several times with your eyes closed and try to breathe in deep and feel your diaphragm expand with each breath. Doing this now and then practicing when you have an attack will prepare you and help the panic attacks to subside.

Don't try and remove yourself from your surroundings or alter your current activities whilst having a panic attack, instead breathe and focus, remind yourself that it's totally natural and that you're safe. If you start to remove yourself from your surroundings you can actually make the next attacks even worse.

Whilst we have touched on several ideas and techniques we urge you to contact a specialist and seek some advice.

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