Thursday, January 7, 2010

How to Overcome Panic Attacks - Discover How to Quickly Get Rid of Panic Attacks

Overcoming panic attacks is not an easy task and is neither a one that could be achieved overnight. It requires a series of trial and error experiments that you need to conduct on yourself to find a possible solution for you. There are many people in the world that have overcome panic and anxiety attack, but which one of these techniques will be more effective for you can only be determined by experimenting. Although, some very general tips and techniques can be used by anyone to lower the effects of the attacks; but the main root of these attacks can only be overcome by the individual himself/herself. One should never be afraid to use a new technique to gain control over the mind and stop the panic attack.

Some of the very basics of overcoming an attack will be provided in this article. Eating healthy is the beginning of your new lifestyle that will help you take control. Eat more fruits, vegetables and protein and try to avoid junk foods and caffeine. Replace coffee with green tea and avoided hard alcohol. When a person is healthy not only he is less stressed but is also more confident which helps him deal with panic. Exercising regularly releases the stress and reduces the chances of getting a panic attack. There are many meditative exercises like yoga which are very effective for people who are suffer from panic attacks. Following these simple lifestyle guidelines will reduce the chances of getting attacked by panic and will also give you a greater chance of overcoming panic attack even if it happens.

In case of a panic attack you need to realize that you are having an attack. There are many symptoms of panic attacks like, dizziness, nausea, sweating, muscle pains, paresthesia, feeling like fainting etc. If you experience any of these things in a stressful situation immediately get on your guard and realize that this might be a possible panic attack and you need to fight it to overcome it. Start taking slow deep breaths and try relaxing your muscles. Try to talking to someone or yourself. Tell yourself that it is just a panic symptom and it is not going to harm you or kill you, it will just go away in a second. If you can realize that then half the battle is already won. You can stop the attack even before it actually strikes you.

Any possible solution is fine as long as it does not include any drugs or chemicals. There are also some groups that help each other in coping with the attacks and educating each other, if you feel like it then you can join them. Being in a group of people who support each other is a great boost in confidence and helps each and everyone in the group. Once you know how to overcome your panic attack completely you will realize that you have changed to be a much better and confident person than you were before.

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