Saturday, January 16, 2010

Anxiety Panic Attacks Symptoms - 7 Most Common Anxiety Panic Attacks Symptoms

Anxiety Panic Attacks are becoming very common in society today. There have been studies done that on average, nearly 1 in every 75 people suffer from anxiety or panic at some time or another in their life. Some peoples panic and anxiety can be severe, while others will be relatively mild. Many people do not even know they suffer from this panic disorder at all.

If you are not sure as to whether you suffer from panic disorder, or you believe you may be a sufferer, I will list some symptoms to look out for and a possible solution at the end. This will give you a better understanding of your condition, and put you in a good position to take some action to get rid of your panic disorder, so that you can enjoy life without worrying about a possible attack.

If you find you do suffer from panic disorder, whatever you do, do not worry. This is more of a common issue than you may think, and may people each and every day are beating panic and anxiety with a little work, just like I hope you will too.

The 7 more common Anxiety Panic Attack Symptoms:

1. Palpitations - A racing rapid heartbeat, and sweating are very common during panic

2. Dizziness - Feeling dizzy very quickly and being light-headed are common symptoms amongst panic sufferers.

3. Fear - The feeling of "losing control" or constant worrying in any given situation, such as a social gathering, and the feeling of everyone watching you.

4. Hot Flushes - Hot flushes and chills are one of the first signs that occur for an anxiety sufferer.

5. Chest Pain - Shortness of breath is a common symptom you may experience if an attack strikes, you need to be aware, and slow down your breathing calmly.

6. Numbness - Numbness or any form of tingling in the face is a sign you may be about to experience panic.

7. Empty Stomach - The loss of appetite, the feeling of an empty stomach and your mouth going dry, this is another symptom of a potential panic attack.

The list of symptoms that I have provided you are generally the most common that you will experience during an attack, but these are just touching upon the main ones. There are many more, but from experience, they seem to fall under the category of these 7 listed.

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