Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Panic Attacks Cause - Hard to Identify

Trying to find out what can cause panic attacks in a person is hard to do. There are many possibilities to consider.

Drugs - both legal and illegal drugs can play a part in the occurrence of panic attacks. Sometimes starting on a new depression medication can bring on attacks.

Family history - panic attacks are definitely inherited. If one or both parents have an anxiety disorder, there is a much greater chance of their children having it as well.

Past traumatic experiences - someone who has endured a terrifying situation earlier in their life may find that similar events later on bring on sudden attacks without them even being aware of what is going on.

When a person is going through an anxiety attack, panic treatment information may not be readily available. It's best to start looking for answers during quiet times when the person is rational and thinking straight. They never know when another attack may begin.

There is definitely help available for people who want to find the answers!

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