Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Panic Therapy and Anxiety Disorders Treatment

Not surprisingly more and more people are becoming averse to use prescription drugs for relief from panic attacks or anxiety disorders; after all who wants to spend the rest of their lives dependent on medication. Doctors are also reluctant to prescribe pills for the condition on a long term basis.

This is actually good news for the patient as panic therapy is proving to be a far more reliable cure which can not only help people to overcome their attacks and make life easier but it's also possible to avoid having them all together.

Panic attack therapy does not rely on mind numbing drugs but instead enables the sufferer to live with their problem and more importantly helps them to recognize when an attack is about to occur and so avoid them. Present day living can be highly stressful and cause both anxiety and panic attacks, the key to ridding ourselves from these attacks is to find out what triggers them.

There are various behavioural therapies that can help us to spot these triggers and once identified therapy will enable a person to gain control over their emotions and anxiety so that attacks become less and less frequent until they cease to be a problem. Unlike prescription drugs that have to be taken every day to have an effect this type of panic therapy is works long term and the patient should suffer no more attacks.

The success rate for this type of panic therapy is much higher than other methods and allows a person to work through the treatment at their own pace and find what works best for them. By working through the stages of the therapy panic attacks will no longer be an issue.

Friday, February 5, 2010

Overcoming Panic Attacks and Anxiety Naturally

Herbal remedies have been used for treating anxiety and overcoming panic attacks for centuries. Natural remedies generally produce little or no side effects but may react to other medications. There are countless herbal remedies to choose from, so how do we decide what works and what doesn't? Natural alternatives may vary in effectiveness from each individual so it might be just a case of trying different remedies.

Bear in mind that there are also differences in the quality of products. Ensure that you do research first and find a good manufacturer. Additionally you might also want to consult a specialist or a qualified doctor for advice on taking herbal remedies for anxiety. Although taking herbal remedies can help alleviate symptoms of anxiety and aid in overcoming panic attacks, prolonged use is not recommended.

Kava is known for its calming properties it has shown effectiveness in improving people with insomnia anxiety and depression. This herb has helped people with various different anxiety disorders including social anxiety, agoraphobia and panic disorder. In stressful and nervous situations such as going on a date or public speaking, kava can help relax nerves and promote wellbeing.

Kava can reduce social inhibitions and anxiety symptoms. Unlike anxiety medication, kava has not been found to be addictive. Top athletes and business people use kava to help reduce stress as well as increase mental alertness. In some countries it is used for recreational purposes as it can induce pleasurable states. Kava can be taken in a capsule form to help ease anxiousness.

St John's Worts is a popular herbal remedy that is prescribed by many German doctors to treat depression. However, St John's Worts has also shown effectiveness in patients suffering from anxiety. Clinical studies show that St John's Worts is more effective than a placebo and produces significantly less side effects than anti-anxiety medication. Standardized extracts can be bought in most health stores and pharmacies without a prescription.

People have found aromatherapy highly therapeutic for both mental disorders and physical ailments. Essential oils such as Rose, Lavender and Sweet Marjoram can be powerfully relaxing and invigorating when used in massage. People who are anxious may feel constantly on edge and unable to relax. The highly relaxing aromas of these oils can soothe nerves and relieve anxious thoughts.

A few drops of oil can be placed in the bath, in a diffuser or on your pillow. Overcoming panic attacks requires a reduction in stress and anxiety. Aromatherapy and herbal remedies can certainly help you do this. However, treating panic attacks in the long term requires behavioral change that can only be done through therapy.

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

How to Overcome Panic Attacks - Behavior Management and Self Control

Panic is a sensation of total despair and weakness that provokes several alterations in the body. defines it as:

1. A sudden overwhelming fear, with or without cause, that produces hysterical or irrational behavior, and that often spreads quickly through a group of persons or animals.

2. An instance, outbreak, or period of such fear.

This is the definition of its characteristics. The definition of what panic really means, and why many people experience panic attacks, is more complex.

The truth is that the human being possesses a wild and violent primitive conscience, besides his known human conscience. This violent anti-conscience is constantly trying to destroy the human side through craziness because it is absurd and cruel. It is a wild animal that has no sensitivity.

Therefore the anti-conscience constantly tries to frighten the human side of the conscience in order to dominate it. First it induces the person to make many mistakes by misinterpreting many points of the objective reality. Later it provokes panic, when the person understands that something is wrong with them, even though they cannot understand exactly what it is.

The mistakes and misconceptions provoke problematic situations, fears and despair. This is when the anti-conscience has the chance to cause even more damage to the human conscience, after conquering a portion of the field of the conscious realm.

Suddenly the person starts sweating, feeling dizzy and losing the floor under their feet. This weakness increases their initial fear. They feel so hopeless that they believe they are in a situation that has no salvation.

This is the result of the invasion of the anti-conscience into the human side of the conscience. This invasion happens many times, but depending on the problems they cause and on the psychological type of each person, it may provoke different mental disturbances that develop into graver diseases, if the person doesn't fight against this domination.

In order to completely eliminate panic attacks the person must start taking note of their dreams and translate their hidden messages through the scientific method of dream interpretation. The unconscious mind that produces the dreams is wise and saintly, and tries to save the human side of our conscience from the craziness that the wild side imposes on us.

If you experience panic attacks, don't delay in writing down your dreams every day and relating them back to what is happening in your life. One dream explains another and is always related to your life, your mental health and happiness.

In order to fight against the panic you may have while interpreting your dreams, you must be strong and believe that you are not going to faint or die, and that nothing bad will happen to you. Simply bear the horrible sensations with courage, waiting for their end. They won't last too long. Each time you resist and simply bear them, waiting for their end without losing hope, they lose power.

Having the tools of resistance in one hand and dream analysis in the other, will help you forever eliminate panic attacks, besides helping you develop your intelligence to the fullest and acquire mental health, balance, wisdom and happiness for life. Everything depends on the elimination of the dangerous wild and violent side of your conscience.

You are going to eliminate the enemy, but without killing it, since it is a part of you. This is your wild self, which has to be tamed and acquire basic human characteristics like compassion and forgiveness, so that you may live peacefully, and enjoy real and long-lasting happiness.

This way your behavior will not be controlled by the absurd anti-conscience and you'll have self control, and always feel strong and self-confident.

Prevent Depression and Craziness through the scientific method of Dream Interpretation discovered by Carl Jung and simplified by Christina Sponias, a writer who continued Jung's research in the unknown region of the human psychic sphere.

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

You Can Overcome Anxiety

We all worry about something. We are worried about our past, our present, and our future. We worry too much about our problems and think about the reasons why our life turned out the way we don't expect it to be. We constantly burden our mind with worries about money, our job, our health, or just about anything that we can think of that it starts to cause us stress and anxiety and let ourselves be a slave of our own negative thoughts.

Worrying is a normal emotion experienced by all human beings but if it's overdone it can lead to an illness known as generalized anxiety disorder which psychologist find it hard to define because 'it is the same as ordinary worry and anxiety, but on a huge and abnormal scale' and it leads to other health related problems that will affect the way you live. But by applying The Law of Attraction you can overcome this emotion first, by changing the way you think. Worrying about your future will only create more stress and anxiety. Learn to control your thoughts because lack of control over your thoughts will only strengthen your anxiety because as those negative thoughts get stronger, so will your anxieties. Start living your life in a day to day basis. Focus on what's happening today and instead of worrying how things will turn out, think of ways to resolve your problems as they come. If you think and believe that everything will be alright, you will begin to feel differently about your situation.

Maintain a positive attitude, practice thinking only positive thoughts, and be with people who have a positive orientation. Be grateful for your blessings because setbacks are not misfortunes or failures so stop complaining. Keep yourself busy to keep your mind off your anxiety. When you wake up in the morning set a goal and achieve it because this will direct your thoughts towards something more positive. Lastly, don't be too hard on yourself. Most worries come from doubting your abilities and resentment from your past mistakes. Accept your limitations and learn from your past experience. If you did something wrong in the past, do your best to avoid or prevent it from happening again. Instead of doubting, encourage yourself more and believe that you can accomplish whatever it is that you set your mind to.

Only you can overcome anxiety by initiating the first step and no one else, and your friends and family will always be there to support you every step of the way. Before you go to sleep at night and when you wake up in the morning, think of all the good things no matter how insignificant they are and make positive affirmations and use these affirmations to tell yourself how you want your day to be. Remember how the Law of Attraction works and realize the benefits of positive thinking so choose to stay positive. You can do it.